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5 Detailed Car Auction Buying Tips For Inspecting Auction Event Cars

For those of you wondering if you can afford to buy your dream car and still get a excellent running car, the answer is, yes of course you can. Buy a Bank Repo or seized car from a live auction. No Problem right??

When it comes to automobile shopping it would be a lie to tell you there is no hazards lurking when buying used cars. In respect of grand world of mechanics there is always chances to be taken. Nevertheless when you know what you want and do some work you will find that special car you love and it will love you back. With a savings of 50% to 60% off retail that's a opportunity worth your efforts.

To assist you and help make things a bit easier when purchasing a used car especially at a live car auctions, below are some of the most important used buying tips based on extensive research and some good old fashion know how experience from buyers through-out the country.

Ready? ok, here we go, take notes!

1. Usually the most valued cars to buy from auctions are Bank Repo's or Seized vehicles. There is all types including salvage vehicles from accidents or floods/disasters placed up for auction sale by insurance companies or private owners etc.. Sometimes you can distinguish a little about the car by looking at the paper work if they offer it. The best thing to do is get the vin # and do a history check online at Experian "Checkauto". Bank Repo's and seized vehicles are a good choice because they were normally well maintained by the owners and very often are in good condition

2. Keep a pen and paper handy when you go to look at cars. Write down the vin# you see in the lower corner of the windshield usually on the driver side. Then after that you will want to open all the doors, hood and trunk check that vin# again you wrote down. then look at all vin#?s found on the vehicle. Sometimes they are along the door sticker and/or trunk door. If they don't match, it is feasible the car was in a severe crash and the door panels were changed or the car was stolen and it would be advisable to stay away move on to the next one.

3. You can also easily check-out, while the doors are open, under the carpet and in the trunk for dampness or rust under the seats. Also look in the engine area for water stains around the engine block. If there is a water line stain around the engine block, rust under the seats or the floor feels damp it?s very likely this car was in a flood. Obviously this would be a good one to stay away from too.

4. While the hood is still open find the oil dipstick. draw it out and take a at the oil on the end of the stick. Do you see heavy dirt deposits? or is it like sludge? That wouldn't be a good sign if there is.The auto was plausibly not well maintained or it has been sitting a long time. It may not be a real problem but when there is always more cars to see. Pass this one up you will thank me later.

5. Alrighty.. last but not to the lowest degree is the transmission check. While you are checking the oil also check the transmission by pulling the dipstick out and see if it has large dirt deposits or if it has a stinky smell. That is a sign of not being maintained either. however if that checks out ok, start the car, place your foot on the brake and hold it there. Then put it in drive and then slowly into reverse to see if there is a clunking noise or slipping feel while you hold the brake. Do not drive the car around that's not admitted at car auctions. A small clunk is ok, but If there is excessive noise it's got problems walk away from that one too.

There are always more you can check but these major inspection tips will help keep you from major problems down the road. It's not a guarantee but it definitely limits the possibility of getting a junk of a car.

One more thing you should keep in mind when browsing for any car. Do not get connected to a car survey the guide lines and avoid the auction cars with the problems as referred above. There is many great automobiles out there you will find what you want if you just look hard enough. Even if you depart an auction empty handed there is slew of auctions every week in every state across the country. Happy car shopping! Enjoy your search and have fun!

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