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Car Auction Sites - Reviews

Car Auction sites can be a great resource for finding seized government and bank repo automobile auctions in your area. You can pretty easily purchase a car of your dreams or one to resell for a lot less than you could at your conventional dealership. It takes a little work but is fun and not much more work than what you would have do to go buy a car from a dealer.

However it can be difficult finding the auction site you want to receive the best service from before you spend your money.

To help provide some ease to your search I have done some extensive research into various car auction sites and have found
the reputable ones will have a money back guarantee.

If you have few dollars ($20-$50 per member ship fee) you could join a few sites and have access to various auctions and quality updated information.You then can combine the information of various sites to give you quality information. However from personal experience and online research I have found the following review of Gov-Auction to be accurate and a good recommendation for finding the auctions available in your area.

Features: Gov-Auctions is a quality website offering a listing of government auctions mainly in the United States. The members area offers some nicely organized features, but the website does not offer any more services than other websites, except for the fact that the team at Gov-Auctions works hard to keep their database brimming with useful auction opportunities, no matter the state. It is no fault of Gov-Auctions, certain states simply do not have as many auctions that are open to the public. This could be for one reason or another, but is most likely dependent upon a states population and how many seized automobiles are collected.
     Like most online Car Auctions websites, Gov-Auctions claims to offer one of the Internets most authoritative sources for great deals on government-seized automobiles and properties. Included on their site is their As Seen on T.V. advertisement. When, where, and what channel? The website is more than a one-page sales page and if you read the sites recently published public statement, under the F.A.Q. tab, you can read how they abhor auction scam sites and go on to discredit car auction review sites. They belittle reviewers who have claimed to review hundreds of websites. With this half-realized ploy, Gov- Auctions is trying to get you, the user, to believe they are credible. And, for the most part, they are much more honest than other sites reviewed. They go on to describe the services they offer; outlining them and telling you exactly what you will come to learn, know, and understand. However, if you do not read this page, you may not quite understand it fully. For the first time visitor, their homepage still makes certain claims that are a little tricky, like offering an online search that outlines recent vehicles sold. The recently- purchased items may not have been sold on their site directly, but the online user may not be so savvy as to read all the fine print.

With statements like: Access to 10,000s of Gov't pre-owned quality vehicles at rock bottom prices. With thousands new listed each week! It is no wonder people feel mislead. But, before judging too quickly, the members area is probably worth the investment.

     Every state is listed and most have several auctions that contain valuable information for users to find out how, when, and where they can get involved. If you click on Ohio for example, you can see all the auctions going on in that state. Each auction contains a location, city, status, phone number, and extra notes of valuable information for those who wish to inquire further.

Furthermore, the site offers some other incentives in that it lists several different auction websites according to category. Like some of the other websites reviewed, a member will be able to simply click on an external link to other governmental and nongovernmental auction websites. The site also lists Federal Auto Auctions that can be accessed online.

    They have free online Car Auctions course as a bonus when you sign up. It is well done, written for the layman, and thorough. The e-book bonus is also complete and valuable. It might keep members from getting speeding tickets, but does not offer any information in regard to the true subject focus of the site cars and property.

Ease of Use: The website is easy to use. Once the US $34.95 price tag is paid, a user will have immediate access to the members area. The right-hand column of the members area contains the five-day e-course and access to download the e-book about avoiding speeding tickets. It also contains links to special auctions, such as HUD, USDA, and USPS. The middle area of the website lists each state. One click gives a user access to a particular states auction sites.

Content Quality:
Gov-Auctions has a simple layout and offers the user an area from which to begin searching for a car or property. What makes the site different and perhaps better than others is that their listings are accurate and one could quite possibly attend any number of auctions at any given time. This website only appeals to those living in the U.S. and does not apply to those living in Canada or other parts of the world. A worldwide database might be an interesting feature that no other website has been able to quite master.

The Good: Each state is covered and the members area has access to several other websites that have been given contracts by the government to sell surplus, repossessed, or seized vehicles and properties. And, they do an excellent job at keeping their database and information up to date.

The Bad: Despite the fact that they claim they are different from so many other websites offering similar products and opportunities, they really do not offer anything truly different than the others. You cannot do a live search from their database, bid, and purchase a car or property from their website, but must search external sites.

The Bottom Line:
Gov-Auctions does well enough to earn it a good quality rating. From their website, members can access other top-quality sites, most of them governmental. The site could be thought of as a console center where users control and access their auction experience. The public statement about auctions and review sites is an OK amendment, but it would be better to clearly outline these points on the homepage.

Following, they could explain to users how the system works and how
Gov-Auctions will help them get what they want done, and fast. Again, Gov-Auctions does what other auction websites do, but they have a better way of going about it. They have done their research and continue doing their homework so that their database of state-by-state auction lists are kept up to date.

      You can find more information about this site at here:

    To your success!

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